Special Events


Yamaha CL5/Rio3224-D

dBTechnologies' ViO line array

JBL VRX900 Series Mains

JBL SRX712M Monitirs

JBL SRX800 Series

More Than Sound, We Make Music.


Full Service Live Event Production:

  • Pro Sound Systems, specializing in live entertainment
  • Sennheiser Wireless Microphone and IEM Systems
  • Backline Drums, Keyboards, Bass and Guitar Amps
  • LED and Conventional Theatrical Lighting
  • Stellar Live Audio Mix Engineering
  • The White Album Ensemble with Redwood Symphony:

  • Event Production Photo Gallery
  • Audio Files from recient White Album Ensemble shows.
  • White Album Ensemble with James Durbin:

Now featuring:
  • Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixer surface featuring 72 in/ 48 out with
    one or two Rio3224-D Dante digital snake system
  • dBTechnolories ViO L210 line array system
  • Sennheiser EW300 wireless IEM
  • The amazing JBL VRX932LAP and VRX918SP PA system.
  • JBL SRX712M bi-amp stage and main speakers.
    Amazing fidelity and volume from minimal size
  • JBL SRX835 3-way active mains
  • Mobiltech, Applied Electronics lifts and Global Truss Staging
  • Lab.Gruppen FP6400 and FP2400Q amplifers.
  • Bi-amped and processed monitor systems
Serving Central and Northern California including San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay

Contact us today for rates and availability:

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The Right Sound Company.
Combining The Art and Science of Sound
to Create an Event to Remember.


The Science of Sound.

Running a typical festival system involves making over 180 connections between 60 components, setting 650 knobs and 145 switches, not to mention multiple digital interfaces and countless menu options. Add the variables of acoustics, changing environments, and dozens of live microphones. Looking at all the speakers, lights and knobs only hint the technical knowledge required to produce just the Right Sound. It's all second nature for us.

The Art of Sound.

Achieving a pleasing mix with great definition, the proper levels and processing brings out the best in performers and creates a memorable experience for the audience. This is our highest calling. The Right Sound Company excels in sound production for live music. Years of experience have honed our specialized skills in managing difficult acoustic environments, tight schedules, and demanding artists. We consistently make it all happen with the Right Sound.

A World of Experience.

We have been mixing ethnic and popular music from around the world for more than a decade. Our experience includes Hawaiian, Ethiopian, Brazilian, Tahitian, Eastern and American Indian, Latin salsa and banda, big band, gospel, jazz, bluegrass, zydeco, reggae, rock, disco, hip hop, folk, acappela, and countless variations. We've handled many festivals, street fairs, concerts, theatrical, receptions, and corporate functions. Also permanent installations, equipment leasing, custom system design, maintenance and consulting.

Custom, Competitive.

With modular components that are scalable to meet your needs, we provide top quality systems, great personnel, and highly competitive pricing. Whether your event takes place in a conference room or a clearing in the woods, make sure you have the right sound. Contact Us. We'll be happy to give you a list of references and a competitive bid for your next event or installation project.

The Right Sound Company

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